CAPPA STORE™ - Stainless Steel Sink

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Product Description

Introducing our Stainless Steel Dish Drainer, a multifunctional kitchen solution designed to elevate your dish drying and storage experience.

Superior Quality and Durability:

Crafted from premium food-grade stainless steel, this dish drying rack ensures unparalleled durability. Its anti-rust and anti-acid properties guarantee long-term functionality, promising a sturdy and reliable companion for your kitchen.

Multifunctional Design:

Featuring grooves ideal for draining dishes and rinsing vegetables and fruits, this drainer rack offers versatile use. It accommodates multiple cups and dishes simultaneously, while the top space conveniently drains water from washed produce.

Innovative Product Design:

Equipped with non-slip extendable rubber arms, this rack prevents slipping into the sink and safeguards both your counter and sink from scratches. Its adjustable width, secured by screw buttons, ensures a perfect fit, adapting seamlessly to your sink's size.

Efficient Use Method:

A small yet impactful feature, the side of the drain rack incorporates a small rotary screw. By tightening the screw after width adjustment, it ensures stability, preventing any shaking and allowing the rack to stand firmly in the sink.